''The Rum Diary'' is the latest movie to show Depp's penchant for mind-altered characters

Fear and Loathing…
Vice: Alcohol, marijuana, mescaline, LSD, ether, cocaine, and pills. What else you got?
Why? For journalism, that’s why! (Disclaimer: No drugs were used in the writing of this box.)
How much? Enough to kill an elephant, or at least freak it the heck out
Enabler: His rumpled and overweight sidekick (Benicio Del Toro)
Rock bottom: This particular pit doesn’t appear to have a bottom

Vice: Cocaine and marijuana
Why? Because it makes for a pretty good business
How much? Hundreds and hundreds of kilos, and a little off the top for himself
Enabler: His equally drug- and polyester-loving wife (Penélope Cruz)
Rock bottom: Prison, where the real-life George Jung is still serving his sentence

From Hell
Vice: Opium, a.k.a. the classy Victorian-era version of heroin
Why? Like Sherlock Holmes, he finds chasing a high helps him chase killers
How much? At least a few pipefuls, or enough to induce crime- solving visions
Enabler: Jack the Ripper
Rock bottom: Probably the intentional fatal overdose

Pirates of the Caribbean
Vice: Rum
Why? With Keith Richards for a father, it’s probably genetic
How much? Enough to cause perpetual slurring and swishy swashbuckling
Enabler: Penélope Cruz. Again. He really ought to stay away from her.
Rock bottom: Getting stranded on a remote island after Keira Knightley burns his supply

Alice in Wonderland
Vice: Tea
Why? Because coffee makes him jittery? Also, insanity due to mercury poisoning.
How much? Pot after pot, tea party after tea party
Enabler: The March Hare
Rock bottom: Realizing he’s just a pawn to the Queen

Alice in Wonderland
  • Movie
  • 109 minutes