Your thoughts on our Reunions Issue, plus your dream reunions

By EW Staff
Updated October 28, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

So Happy Together (Again)
Your profile of the stellar cast of The Princess Bride kept me on the elliptical machine at the gym for an extra 10 minutes! I could not stop reading about their experiences filming the movie. Twenty-four years later, it has stood the test of time, and ”as you wish” has become part of our nation’s vocabulary. And yes, I was wiping away tears at the gym after reading ”You killed my father. Prepare to die”!
Re Marzullo
Marietta, Ga.

Eight years ago, one of the third graders I was teaching came to school saying ”inconceivable” in response to things his classmates said. I wondered if he’d just seen The Princess Bride. When he said it again, I replied, ”I do not think that word means what you think it means.” The two of us laughed as the rest of the class looked at us in bewilderment. It was one of my favorite teaching moments, and that child and I formed an immediate bond thanks to a classic movie.
Cindy Machut
Green Bay, Wis.

While I looked forward to your Reunions issue, I didn’t expect to be so moved. When I got to the NYPD Blue story, I realized what a vital role TV has played in my education and evolution. My best friend of 23 years, who died of pancreatic cancer last summer, and I shared a love of plays, books, and movies. But nothing affected us like Blue: friendship, love, self-destruction, loyalty, and loss, wrapped up in a police drama. This particular reunion evoked powerful memories of our time together.
Michael Callahan
Kirkland, Wash.

My favorite reunion was The Carol Burnett Show. I never missed a single episode and continued with Mama’s Family. Thank goodness Carol talked CBS into taking a chance on a variety show instead of a sitcom.
Tim Crowson

How awesome to find Aliens featured in this issue. It’s still a high-water mark for the sci-fi/action genre. James Cameron broke the bank to make Titanic and Avatar, but Aliens proved he didn’t need to in order to leave a lasting impact.
Tom Baker
Marietta, Ga.

What’s the quickest way to be transformed into a giddy schoolgirl again? Open your mailbox to see your favorite teen heartthrob featured in your favorite magazine. In 1996, I was 13 and pretty confident I was going to marry Home Improvement‘s Jonathan Taylor Thomas. While he hasn’t been in the spotlight for years, a girl never forgets her first celebrity crush.
Jenny Impinna

I was surprised at how much I loved seeing the cast of 227 together again. It may not have been quite the ratings smash that The Cosby Show was, but it was hilarious nonetheless. Nice to see that shows that flew under the radar somewhat can be recognized once again.
Daniel Brozak
The Plains, Ohio

Your Dream Reunions
The ink is barely dry on the 2011 Reunions issue, but readers are already looking ahead to next year. We hear you — and thank you for the abundance of suggestions. Here’s just a sampling of our favorites.

Boogie Nights
The Dukes of Hazzard
Knots Landing
Dazed and Confused
The Wonder Years
Family Matters
The Tracey Ullman Show

The Wonder Years

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