By Aly Semigran
Updated October 28, 2011 at 06:10 PM EDT
Kevin Wolf/AP Photo

Conan O’Brien is about to make New York City a brighter, sunnier place. And no, not just because of his spectacular ginger hair. As Vulture reported earlier, upon his return to the Big Apple, O’Brien will officiate a gay wedding on-air during one of the Conan tapings. (A Conan publicist confirmed to EW that the news is true, but an exact air date for the blessed event has not yet been set.)

Of course, as Vulture pointed out, this isn’t O’Brien going for cheap laughs, nor is it a publicity stunt. (The guy’s got a giant orange blimp that hovers over America’s cities. Can’t get much more publicity than that!) In fact, sources told the site, “O’Brien will be marrying a longtime staffer and his partner.” No matter who the couple, how great is this, PopWatchers?! Not only will this make O’Brien’s long-overdue return to New York City extra special, but he’ll be sharing something that’s both remarkable and important (gay marriage is, of course, now legal in the state) and intimate with his fans at the Beacon Theater and viewers at home. Plus, if you were going to have someone famous preside over your wedding, you could do a lot worse than Coco? Though, might we suggest that your ring bearer not be this, er, bear.

What do you think of the news that Conan O’Brien will officiate a gay wedding while he films his show in New York City next week, PopWatchers? If you could have star preside over your ceremony, who would it be? Share in the comments section below!

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