We don’t often post development deal stories, but having broken the sad new that MTV’s The Buried Life was getting the ax this week, we wanted to add this feel-good update: Duncan Penn, Jonnie Penn, Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood have signed a deal with MTV’s cross-platform media group MTVX to work on new shows and online projects.

“We were proud of the show we had made, but it wasn’t exactly he show we had dreamed of,” Nemtin said. “So we wanted to work with MTV to develop the next level of Buried Life.”

Penn noted the team has pursed its aspirational bucket list project for more than five years — and that’s not going to stop — but that they want to create new projects that explore the same themes. The group has been on a college tour that’s also served as a way to research content ideas.

“Buried Life is an entertainment property, but it’s also about people’s lives,” Penn said. “We’re going to 40 different colleges around the United States to find out what would blow their minds and what inspire them. We’re trying to nurture this whole brand and keep it going the best we can.”

MTVX allows artists to create and test out new experimental content, which the guys are taking advantage of in the hope of getting a new series on the air. You can get more updates about the group here.

“We can shoot the stuff we always wanted to shoot,” Nemtin said. “It’s a laboratory for new ideas for the series and very exciting for us.”