The first trailer for Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol gave us the rough outlines of the plot — the Kremlin’s been bombed, Tom Cruise’s IMF team has been (wrongly) blamed, and they’ve now got to clear their names. The new trailer for the film, release today, fills in a few more of the blanks. Turns out Cruise’s team was at the Kremlin when things went kablooey, and they’re now the only four members of the IMF left. And Tom Wilkinson, playing a member of the U.S. cabinet (I’m guessing Secretary of Defense), gets killed just as he’s spelling out the stakes for Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. Oh, and at one point, a rather sizable missile appears to be headed straight for San Francisco. Yikes!

Plus, even more secret spy daring do has been packed into the two-and-a-half minute clip, including one very fancy looking car windshield. Check out the trailer below:

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