Hunger Games

In another canny move to whet the appetites of Suzanne Collins’ rabid fans, Lionsgate will release a series of posters featuring the major characters from their feverishly anticipated adaptation of The Hunger Games on Friday. Until then, EW has the exclusive first look at Elizabeth Banks in all the garish splendor of Effie Trinket. (See it after the jump!) Pink wig, possibly askew? Check! A feverish glint in Banks’ eye betraying Effie’s otherwise officious manner. Check!

For the uninitiated, Effie is series heroine Katniss Everdeen and her District 12 counterpart Peeta Mellark’s tinny and willfully oblivious handler as they navigate the reaping and Capitol. “Happy Hunger Games!” she cries out happily to the crowd of terrified children awaiting to hear who gets sent off to fight for their lives in the Arena. “And may the odds be ever in your favor!” She’s a wonderful comic turn of a role, with great layers of menace and vulnerability. And as thrilling as it is to see this first glimpse of Effie come to life, and as much as I’ve always been a fan of Banks’ enormous comedic chops, I feel like I need to hear Banks’ voice in character. It’s Effie’s boiling-over-with-enthusiasm trilling that grates so on Katniss and Peeta as they prepare for battle. She is like your most high-strung, possibly dangerous, occasionally endearing relative at intense family gatherings. She needs everything to go just perfect or she could very well snap. Hey wait, that last part makes her sound like us Hunger Games fans as we fuss and squeal over every new scrap of movie news.

Hunger Games

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