By Shaunna Murphy
Updated October 26, 2011 at 11:10 PM EDT

No one ever doubted that you would get your comeuppance Ricky Gervais, but kudos for somehow making it happen on your own show, to your own benefit. Brilliant! In case you missed it, Gervais called out, well, pretty much everybody at last winter’s Golden Globes. He had particularly nasty things to say about Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie’s nominated film The Tourist, but Depp has now been given the chance to retaliate via an appearance on Gervais’ upcoming BBC2 comedy series, Life’s Too Short.

The show stars Warwick Davis (Willow!!!) as the head of a talent agency for little people, and Gervais recurrs as himself. In the clip, Depp strolls into the office and passive-agressively vents his Gervaisian frustrations in the form of backhanded compliments. “How great for you,” he deadpans when Gervais says he’s been writing his own films. “That must be so great.” Ha! It’s childish, and I love it. Watch the clip below:

Does this remind anyone else of the Louis CK/Dane Cook joke-stealing face-off of summer 2011? Like Gervais, Louis plays a version of himself in that series, and both showdowns were mutually beneficial. I mean, Depp was even able to tease Dark Shadows, his upcoming Tim Burton directed remake of the 1960’s gothic soap opera, which is going to be amazing. It mean, it has to be. It can’t not be. But the question is this, PopWatchers: Did you laugh? Let us know in the comments, and stop making fun of Tim Allen!