Liberal gasbag Keith Olbermann got angry at the conservative gasbags at Fox News last night, placing the weekend hosts of Fox & Friends on his ever-expanding “Worst Persons” list. Olbermann described Dave Briggs, Alisyn Camerota, and Clayton Morris as “the B-Team to the weekly dingbats.” He stood on his moral high horse and took the B-Team to task for a segment where they stood on their moral high horse and took someone else to task — in this case, a politically-motivated mother who left her kids at home with her loving husband to join Occupy Wall Street. Camerota accused the woman of being a bad mother. Olbermann said of Camerota: “She has three kids, yet she leaves the house at 4 in the morning to go work at the political whorehouse that is Fox News. I don’t see anybody suggesting they take her kids away!” Thus, over-exaggeration led to more over-exaggeration. Watch the video:

Here’s our prediction for how this plays out in the next few days:

1. Fox News acts like Olbermann called Camerota a prostitute, gets one of their old-white-man anchors to accuse Olbermann of being anti-feminist.

2. Olbermann says something to the effect of “a prostitute is more honest than a Fox News anchor!”

3. The general public remains gleefully ignorant about the existence of something called Current TV.

4. The state of discourse in the American media industry spirals ever downwards, until by 2012 Presidential Debates have been replaced by Presidential Keg Challenges. Whoever vomits the least wins!

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