By Mandi Bierly
October 25, 2011 at 09:59 PM EDT

The World Series is happening, and there’s more entertainment than the National Anthem. There’s Texas Rangers’ pitcher Derek Holland, who was asked to do his impersonation of Harry Caray, the late great Chicago Cubs announcer, on-air during last night’s game 5. (He wasn’t pitching, don’t worry.) Watch it below. Then watch Will Ferrell’s standard-setting impression on Saturday Night Live. Whose is better?

To make it truly fair, they’d each have to be saying the same thing. Maybe next time they could each pretend they’re Harry Caray turning down a mother’s request for an autograph for her daughter (who was old enough to idolize but young enough not to realize that’s how he spelled his last name) in the lobby of a Pittsburgh hotel? (I swear I’d let that go until just now.)

Holland also does Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watch the end of this video.

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