By Aly Semigran
Updated October 24, 2011 at 08:30 PM EDT

In every fairy tale there’s a bit of magic and whimsy mixed with some seriously dark and twisted lessons. (If you are tempted by gingerbread houses, a blind witch will try to force-feed you, Seven-style, until you are fat enough to eat. Chilling stuff, PopWatchers.) Maybe that’s why so many readers felt conflicted after watching the series premiere of ABC’s fantastical Once Upon A Time, in which doomed beloved fairy tale characters travel to the dreary modern day world. Was it too grim to tear Snow White away from her prince, only to technically give her amnesia and make her a school teacher at a small town in Maine? Or did it feel too sweet and fanciful, even for a show about fairy tales, to have all the characters be fated to cross paths with one another? So, we want to know, once and for all, which group feels the strongest about the show: Is it too dark and depressing? Too light-hearted and overly-romantic? Or is the mythical show juuuuust right? Take the poll below and let us know.

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