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Seeing the photo to the left, it’s easy to understand why people believe Jessica Simpson is pregnant. Loose-fitting jacket, pronounced bump — for once, bloggers and tabloids are dying to congratulate the multi-hyphenate on her changing body. And yet, Simpson is saying… nothing.

I’d like to congratulate Simpson on just that. Though it seems the entire Internet is wondering, Why hasn’t Simpson confirmed her obvious pregnancy?, the star isn’t budging. And why should she? Plain and simple, her private life is none of anyone’s business. But her silence is even more impressive when you consider Simpson’s background: This is a woman who made a living off of her private life. Her marriage was turned into a reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, and her divorce and subsequent relationships turned into front-page news. Simpson even publicized her supposed struggle with weight via another reality show, The Price of Beauty. Yet, on the possibility that she’s about to bring up her first baby, Simpson is staying mum.

Perhaps that’s because we only keep up with the Kardashians these days. Or maybe Simpson is woe to trust a media that has spent the better part of the past decade deriding her for her looks and personal life. But 2011 is turning into an interesting year: The famously private Beyoncé announces her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards, while the famously open Simpson refuses to submit to tabloid desires.

Of course, cynics could see this as a tactic. Why waste one magazine cover on a pregnancy announcement, when you can inspire several magazine covers wondering whether or not you’re pregnant? (All the headlines certainly haven’t hurt Simpson’s waning celebrity.) Still, I’d like to remain hopeful for humanity and just choose to believe that the elder Simpson has simply grown up. Hopefully she’s learned that not everything needs to be a public affair.

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