Fans of 3-D are crying out for a hero, someone who can rescue the extra-dimensional format from the dreary overwhelming fog of shoddy post-production conversion, darkened images, and brutally high ticket prices. There! Look! On the horizon! A white knight rides onto the battlefield, brandishing his encyclopedic knowledge of cinema! In a new trailer for his upcoming Hugo, director god Martin Scorsese proudly explains, “I’d always dreamed of doing a film in 3-D.” Mind you, he probably only dreamed of filming in 3-D because of a youthful obsession with Dial M for Murder or Bwana Devil or some other antediluvian 3-D movie that was definitively not Avatar. The point is, Hugo will probably look a lot better than Pirates of the Caribbean: The Prince of Stranger Tides or whatever. Watch the trailer:

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