By Aubry D'Arminio
October 24, 2011 at 05:40 PM EDT
Joan Marcus

Venus in Fur — which debuted Off Broadway last year — may have a new leading man (Hugh Dancy!) when it opens on the Main Stem on Nov. 8, but the comedy is keeping all its old sex appeal. “It’s a very sexy, very funny, and ultimately dangerous dance they do,” says director Walter Bobbie of Dancy’s playwright Thomas and Nina Arianda’s actress Vanda in the backstage two-hander. Intellectual Thomas has been unsuccessfully trying to cast the female lead in his adaptation of the 19th Century erotic novel Venus in Furs. Flighty Vanda is his final audition of the day — and the last woman in the world he hopes to see. See EW’s First Look below:

Joan Marcus

“Thomas basically wants to go have a drink when this girl comes stumbling in,” laughs Dancy. “And she seems to embody all the things about young actresses that he’s been complaining about in a rather snobbish way.”

On the other hand, she’s also “very passionate and wants the job” explains Arianda. “The audition’s play-within-the-play and the play itself converge, taking them down a corridor that neither of them ever expected to go down at the beginning,” adds writer David Ives. “And the rest I can’t tell you because I’d give away the ending.”

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