October 24, 2011 at 02:52 PM EDT

For a few years now, my friend Jen and I have taken great pride in pumpkin creativity. It started years ago when we found ourselves hanging out at a local church pumpkin patch after a particularly crap-tastic day of high school. (Give me a break, this was Texas and, for your information, there’s no better way to make yourself feel good than going somewhere as joy-filled as a pumpkin patch.) In our frustration, we decided to buy some pumpkins to paint — for art therapy — when we spotted a sign about a contest. Not only was there a cast prize (maybe $25?), but we figured we’d be up against mostly children, so WE HAD TO WIN! Yes, this was pathetic, but hey, we’d had a bad day!

Well, we didn’t win. (Some stupid witch pumpkin won — not that I’m bitter.) But we had so much fun making our pumpkins — which, that year, were Finding Nemo-themed — that it’s something we’ve enjoyed doing ever since. The only rule we’ve adopted since that first year? Our pumpkins had to reference a TV show or movie. The Office-themed bunch you see here are from Pumpkin Painting: The College Years — impressive, right? And my friend, who has kept up the tradition, has also done a Nightmare Before Christmas bunch. Personally, we’ve always painted ours, but mostly because you don’t want to give us sharp objects. Someone will lose an appendage and while that would be on-theme with the Halloween season, I need all my fingers.

That brings me to my point, PopWatchers, we want to see your best pop culture pumpkins! So we made a contest out of it.  So what do you get if in our ultimate pop culture gourd-decorating wisdom we decide your pumpkin is the best? Oh, only a horror movie DVD three-pack hand-picked by EW’s resident Halloween freak Clark Collis !

Official rules here, but below are the details on how to enter:

1. In order to qualify, you MUST place a sign that says ”EW.com” next to your pop culture-themed pumpkin(s). Both painted and/or carved pumpkins are acceptable.

2. Submit your photo via email: EWPumpkins@gmail.com (Please make it no larger than 200KB, or it might go to spam!) Please include a brief description (25 words or less) and your phone number, if that is your preferred method of contact.

3. Submissions will not be accepted after Oct. 27 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

4. Winners will be announced here on Halloween and contacted via email or phone with the details on how to claim the DVD pack prize



Any more questions? Tweet me @EWSandraG or ask below in comments. I literally can not wait to see your amazingness.

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