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Desperate Housewives

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Little of much interest happened on last night’s new episode of Desperate Housewives, as per usual.

Lynette went to therapy with Tom and then went on the hunt for a man and almost did the nasty with a rather nice dude, just before realizing that she wants to try to resolve things with Tom. (Renee coached her through her return to the dating scene: “Lay off the ice cream. There’s no Photoshop in real life.”) Gaby battled the Mean Girls of the PTA, as she tried to put on an event at Juanita’s school. Susan battled, too — but she was at odds with her art teacher, as he continued to pick at her through the hour. (And she continued to act like a junior high kid, endlessly giggling at the art class model’s penis. I couldn’t agree more with what the art teacher told her later in the episode, when he was trying to convince her to come back to his class: “You’re a bizarre car crash that somehow fascinates me.”) And Bree, well, she — in true Bree fashion — managed to turn a homeless soup kitchen into a hipster bisque hangout.

All pretty much filler, if you ask me, as we soldier on through the series’ final season. Just 17 more episodes until we can put this old timer to sleep! But, okay, yes — I’m staring to write like Mary Alice talks! — there were a few little tidbits that were juicy in the episode.

First, Mike told Carlos that he couldn’t lean on his wife Susan anymore, as — he explained — she was working on her issues on her own. That Carlos to hit the bottle — hard — and show up at Gaby’s school event sloshed. I’m actually surprised that something more tragic (say, a drunken car wreck?) didn’t play out in this storyline. And then, most interestingly, there was the final few moments of the episode, where Ben showed Bree where he’d be breaking ground for his new housing project — right over the spot where she and the girls (and Carlos) buried Alejandro after Carlos killed him in last season’s finale. “We’re finally going to break ground on Tuesday,” Ben told Bree, after he helped her get approval on the project, “and it’s all thanks to you.”

Uh oh. Are things just about to get interesting in this slow-slow-slow season? Will Ben’s big rigs dig up Alejandro’s body? Will someone finally realize that Alejandro is even missing? (Maybe Chuck should read those missing-persons files that were plunked down on his desk last week — it’s about time to connect the dots and crack this case open!)

Based purely on the previews for next week’s episode, it seems that we could be dealing with a situation where — gasp! — Alejandro’s body no longer is in the grave that the girls (and Carlos) left him in. I posture this only because there was a clip in the preview that showed the ladies all gasping together. Let’s say they want to stem Ben’s bulldozers finding the body, so they go in early to dig up Alejandro — and then he’s not there. Seems kind of juicy to me. Right? I’m loving this prospect right now.

What prospects are you loving from this season of Desperate Housewives? What things are you noticing this season? What’s piquing your interest? Are things about to get interesting? Let me know in the comments section below.

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