Seeger Guthrie
Credit: John Minchillo/AP

Folk music icons Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie lent their voices to the protest call of the Occupy Wall Street movement over the weekend.

According to the Associated Press, on Friday, the 92-year-old Seeger — who walked with a cane alongside his grandson, musician Tao Rodriguez Seeger, as well as fellow artists David Amram, Guy Davis, and an estimated 1,000 OWS supporters — marched from New York City’s Symphony Space to Columbus Circle while chanting their protests cries, including the unofficial OWS slogan, “We are the 99 percent!”

Seeger (who roused the crowd and earned cheers from them throughout) and the protesters were joined by Guthrie, who accompanied the group for a rendition of Seeger’s anthem of peace, “We Shall Overcome.” During their march, the Occupy Wall Street-ers, who have had the support of a growing number of celebrities over the past few weeks and gained the attention of MTV, had sing-a-longs that included Guthrie’s own musical trailblazing grandfather Woody Guthrie’s classics. (In fact, Guthrie’s anthems have been heard throughout the OWS movement, including when Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello sang “This Land Is Your Land” when he visited Zuccotti Park earlier this month.)

Watch the videos below to see Seeger and Guthrie march and sing alongside the Occupy Wall Street movement on Friday:

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