Credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC

Though they’ve been married for over three years now, it’s still a little bit difficult to believe that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are an actual couple. Perhaps it was the lack of public courtship or the sudden nature of their wedding, but there’s still a moment of, “Oh right, they’re married” every time they’re brought up.

On top of that, they’ve procreated! In fact, twins Morocco and Monroe (who are nicknamed, no joke, “Rock” and “Roe”) made their television debut last night on ABC’s 20/20. Barbara Walters sat the couple down and tilted her head just so for a gauzy chat that touched on Carey’s extremely difficult pregnancy (a high-risk one that featured a number of false labors and the development of gestational diabetes), what the babies heard while they were in utero (Carey described a special device that she wrapped around her abdomen so her twin fetuses could hear Stevie Wonder songs and “Hero”).

Walters also dove deep into the couple’s relationship, wondering aloud if Carey was nervous about marrying again after her first time around (with record mogul Tommy Mottola) ended disastrously. Carey complained that Mottola was too controlling, but as you can see in the footage below, she’s the one who clearly does the driving in the relationship. Throughout the sit-down, Cannon constantly deferred to Carey, often looking to her for approval of his responses.

For example, when Walters asked about Cannon’s tattoo that says “Mariah Forever,” he corrected her (it only says “Mariah”). “But it should say forever!” Carey said. “Because ‘Forever’ is my fragrance!” Plugs like that keep Carey in thousands of pairs of shoes and, according to the show, an estimated net worth of half a billion dollars. Still, Cannon gazes at his wife with a combination of supreme adoration and a little bit of “Holy crud, I’m married to Mariah Carey!”

The final reveal of the babies was, of course, adorable, though they were only a fuzzy duck and a hollow watermelon away from being in an Anne Geddes shoot. As Carey sang to the twins (who really do look a lot like her), Cannon noted that he thought too much pressure was put on entertainers’ kids to perform, so he’s going to encourage his twins to get their Ph.Ds. Of course, the children of professors are currently being told, “Just audition for American Idol!”

The main event was cute, but the whole piece has to be considered slightly disappointing. After all, once you’ve taken a bath, delivered ice cream on live TV in your pajamas, and taken over home shopping channels, that bar is going to be set impossibly high. Plus, it felt a little short. Did we really need all of that massive segment about Bernie Madoff? Wet get it! He was evil! NOW BRING US MORE ADORABLE POP STAR SCIONS!

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Mariah Carey sings five octaves in about a minute: Listen here!