Sundance’s reality series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys — which follows around straight women and the gays they love — doesn’t return to the airwaves until Nov. 18 with back-to-back episodes. But it comes with a couple twists: an entirely new cast and a new setting, in the heart of the Bible Belt.

So who’ll be starring? EW has exclusive video of the four new straight woman/gay man couples featured in the show, which you can find below.

But first, quick dossiers on each of the pairings:

Tenisha & Jared (pictured above): She grew up in Memphis and authors a series of books based on misguided youths she encountered as a child in the city, while he was raised Mormon on a 500-acre farm in East Tennessee. The pair claim that their friendship takes more flack for him being white than for his sexuality.

Kristin & Peter: The friends met on an online dating site before he came out of the closet, sharing one passionless kiss before they both realized they should just be best friends. Kristin is a school psychologist who’s pregnant with her first child while her husband is in Afghanistan, and Peter is a stand-up comedian and father to three children from a prior marriage to a woman.

Sherrie & Shane: They’re both big in the musical realm. Aussie Sherrie is a former actress who appeared on Facts of Life and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and more recently penned hits for the likes of Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, and George Straight. She’s hoping to release an album of her own as an artist this fall. Shane, meanwhile, recently celebrated his first number-one hit as the co-writer of Lady Antebellum’s smash “American Honey,” and has had songs recorded by Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks, and Sara Evans. His solo pop project is set to hit stores Nov. 11.

Olivia & Brent: Olivia considers herself a southern socialite, entrepreneur, and mom, while Brent was named one of Nashville’s “25 Most Beautiful People” and recently launched his own promotions, events, and publicity company. The pair often collaborate professionally and socially.

Now that you know a little bit about the four “couples,” meet them via video:

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