By Chris Nashawaty
Updated October 21, 2011 at 04:53 PM EDT

Can Jurassic Park really be 18 years old? I still remember the giddy anticipation of camping out on line in front of New York’s Ziegfeld Theatre on opening night, June 11, 1993, as if it were yesterday. Those happy memories came roaring back when I received the new Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy on Blu-ray in the mail last week. The three chapters in the dino saga all look great in high-def (even the unfairly maligned Jurassic Park III). But the real selling point is the set’s slew of extras, including a new six-part documentary which does justice to Stan Winston’s awesome animatronics and ILM’s still-dazzling f/x. Of course, the ticked-off velociraptors and dilophosauruses are only part of what makes the franchise so much fun. The humans do a pretty decent job, too.

In this exclusive clip from the extras, Steven Spielberg demonstrates once again why he’s so good at pulling credible performances out of kids, directing Ariana Richards on how to unleash an appropriately blood-curdling scream for the scene when she and her little brother (Joseph Mazzello) are trapped in one of the theme park’s stalled cars when the ginormous T. Rex swings by for a visit. Meanwhile, the now-grown-up Richards pops by to talk about making the movie. (Is it me, or did she grow into a doppelganger of her Jurassic Park costar Laura Dern?).

Also on hand for the vocal chord-shredding yelps was a special visitor to the set that day — King Kong star Fay Wray, the original Scream Queen — who seems delighted when Spielberg tells her, “We’re going to dedicate this scream to you because you did the first good scream ever in the history of movies.” That Spielberg, he’s a charmer. Watch the clip below.

The Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy comes out on Oct. 25.

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