Reviews of the latest songs from Justin Bieber, Brad Paisley, and more

By EW Staff
October 21, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Justin Bieber, ”Mistletoe”
As if tweendom’s Canadian catnip needed another reason to elicit kisses. It’s a very breezy Christmas for the Biebs, whose sweet lead track from his upcoming holiday album evokes the toes-in-the-sand vibe of Bruno Mars’ ”The Lazy Song” and Jason Mraz’s ”I’m Yours.” BLeah Greenblatt

Paramore, ”Renegade”
Hayley Williams dynamizes her band’s sigh-and-crunch attack with veteran rebel-yell expertise — which raises the question, Why won’t she just pull a Gwen Stefani and cut a solo album already? BKyle Anderson

Rick Ross Feat. Nas, ”It’s a Tower Heist”
The upcoming Ben Stiller-Eddie Murphy high-rise caper Tower Heist gets a surprisingly groovy-mod theme song, all swaggering tag-team verses and sinuous, Bond-villain-worthy beats. Cue the catsuited crawls through aluminum air shafts! A-LG

Brad Paisley, ”Camouflage”
What’s ”invisible to a whitetail” and ”irresistible to a redneck girl”? Paisley’s lick-heavy ode to green and gray isn’t his wittiest, but it blends right into his repertoire of goofy Southern anthems. BGrady Smith

Karen O, ”Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs chanteuse turns Willie Nelson’s classic cautionary tale into a slow-rolling ballad that’s just as sad as its final confession: ”They’re always alone/Even with someone they love.” A-Melissa Maerz

James Morrison Feat. Jessie J, ”Up”
On his searching, string-laden latest, the U.K. troubadour pulls a prettily subdued performance from pop’s naughty Betty Boop — and furthers his own reputation as an expert crafter of elegant melancholy. B+LG

Korn Feat. Skrillex & Kill the Noise, ”Narcissistic Cannibal”
In an attempt to bond rock and electronica like they’re U2 in 1997, post-metal sludge factory Korn and their high-fiving DJ friends ultimately inspire neither dancing nor shouting. C-KA