Comedian and TV actress Sarah Silverman is set to thump Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry with a provocatively titled live comedy show in his home state.

Silverman is marshaling fellow comics for a fund-raiser in Texas titled, “Live From N*****head: Stripping The Paint Off Of Good Ol’ Fashioned Racism.”

The title refers to the controversy over Perry’s West Texas hunting campground where the candidate has entertained friends and supporters. The campground’s former name, “Niggerhead,” was painted on a rock at the entrance for many years.

“This is a never-forget moment,” Silverman said. “The show’s provocative name holds a mirror up to an ugliness that seems to have become yesterday’s news without having barely even made news.”

The show will be announced Friday and held at the Paramount Theater in Austin on Nov. 1. Silverman plans to donate all proceeds to the NAACP.

Asked about the mocking use of the N-word in the title of a show to benefit the civil rights organization, Silverman told EW, “The positive thing about N-head and other outwardly racist actions — like trying to put the Confederate f—ing flag on Texas license plates — is that it’s no longer just a gas in the air. It’s something you can point to. It’s something you can fight against and expose. So I see this as an opportunity that should be taken.”

Other comedians on board include Suli McCullough, Tig Notaro, Ian Edwards, Dwayne Kennedy, and W Kamau Bell. “As a comedian, I have no choice but to protest with my punch lines,” McCullough said.


“Niggerhead” was once a name that was given to mountains and creeks, but civil rights organizations have successfully lobbied to change that and other racially insensitive monikers over the years. As first reported by the Washington Post earlier this month, Perry claimed his parents painted over the campground’s sign in the early 1980s, though that’s been disputed by some locals. Asked about the word recently, Perry said it’s an “offensive name that has no place in the modern world.”

Silverman recently landed a sitcom at NBC and is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of FX’s The League.