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Wow, this week’s Spoiler Room photo has so much pretty…

Sorry. Back on track!

There’s a lot for you to eat up here, so I’ll make this brief. Thanks for all your questions! Keep it up! Tell me what you’re loving, what you’re hating, what you ate for breakfast (kidding!…or…) and what you’re dying to know! E-mail all your fabulous ponderings to or find me on Twitter: @EWSandraG.

On to the scoop, featuring goods on the likes of Parenthood, Sons of Anarchy, Castle, Persons of Interest, Parks and Recreation, and a Titanic reference. (God, help us all.)


How much did you love this news? I was so excited I even circled Nov. 14 in my calendar and drew a creepy mask by the date to remind myself. But in case you need even more reasons to be excited about the impending romantic entanglements in this very special episode, executive producer Josh Safran told me that much “like masked balls in the past, there are multiple kisses — between multiple people” in the episode. “Like, quadratic couples, I’d say,” he teases. Could that have something to do with the “big kiss” everyone has been asking me about? Possibly…

Moreover, Safran says that November will hold many more surprises on the show. “Another thing that’s going to happen is that the audience is not going to have to wait that much longer to discover whether Ivy can pull off playing Charlie for too long. In November, her identity will come out, but it might come out in a surprising way… Diana’s definitely a part of it, but she sort of sets it in motion more than causes it herself.”

As for baby drama, well, Safran was mum, but he did say that it, like all the other major plots, would be addressed in some form during the Sleep No More episode. Hey, he can’t give up alllll his secrets. (But we’ll certainly keep trying.) Meanwhile, Gossip fans, is this not the most tension-building season yet?


For this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, I got a chance to hop on the phone with the master of Revenge, executive producer Mike Kelley. And in our chat, he gave away a few juicy teases that I thought I’d share with you! Behold!

* On the uber-creepy Tyler, Kelley said the Talented Mr. Ripley-inspired character will very soon “make things very difficult for a lot of people.” “I think what you’ll find with Tyler is that this is somebody that not only wants to be friends with Daniel Grayson, but he wants to BE Daniel Grayson. So the Tyler arc is a very strong one and he gets in there and starts to take over Daniel’s role inside the Grayson family as Daniel starts to marginalize himself with his budding relationship with Emily.” And if that’s not enough, Kelley teases that an upcoming arc will find Nolan, Ashley and Tyler involved in a “triangle.” I can only assume he means a love triangle, but you never know with this show.

* Craving more Nolan? You’re not alone. And soon, Kelley says the true past that Nolan shares with Emily’s father will come to light. “He knows a lot more than Emily thinks he does” says Kelley. As a matter of fact, he knows things that she doesn’t know. So you’re going to find out that Nolan himself has a bit of a motivation that informs the future story of Revenge in a big way.”

*Prepare yourself… for episode 7. “Something very, very big and very permanent will happen to one of our core cast members in episode 7. It’s going to really push the show up a level in the stakes,” explains Kelley. I shudder with excitement.


If an appearance from Melissa McGraw as Gibbs and Fornell’s ex-wife isn’t enough to get you excited about November on NCIS, here’s something that will. Executive producer Gary Glasberg says sweeps month will also feature a series of very special episodes for Gibbs. “We get into a two-part storyline that takes Gibbs to Afghanistan. It’s a really heart-wrenching patriotic story that is just coming out beautifully,” he says. “We’re really excited about that.” Additionally, the latter part of the month will see the return of Tony DiNozzo Sr., played by Robert Wagner.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask Glasberg about any upcoming Tony and Ziva moments — which I did. But, he says, while there is great material in store for both characters, their storylines will cross in a less direct way. “They can’t help but interact with each other as these things happen to them. So there will be some moments coming up that I think people will like.”


I have been REALLY looking forward to Bones’ new season but I am not pleased to hear that Brennan doesn’t invite Booth to an ultrasound where she finds out the gender of their baby. And not only that, she blabs to him this event + the sex of their baby at a yucky crime scene in the first 5 min of epi 2. Well that is a horrible memory association for Booth. Kinda of selfish/cold of Brennan imo…Explainy please Sandra :) — Jen

Wow. On paper this does sound bad, but trust me when I say she doesn’t mean to be cold. In fact, she spends much of the episode trying to understand the issue from Booth’s perspective, and eventually makes it up to him in a completely cute way by the end. Your excitement about the new season is totally warranted. The couple will deal with a lot of issues like the one you mention, but overall, you won’t be disappointed.

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I’m still on the fence about the Michael-less Office. Tell me there’s something coming up that’s going to sway me back into love mode? — Jamie

The Halloween episode might to the trick. Especially if you’re an Andy/Erin fan. Their bond has hit rocky times, but it’s the end of the episode that’ll get ya and show you there’s still a lot of heart left in your ‘ole fave.

A friend of mine and I were talking about House and it occurred to me that we don’t know what happened to Taub; when last we left him he had impregnated his wife and girlfriend: when are we going to find out what happened to Taub and Chase? — morsoe

Excellent question. Lucky for you, Fox spilled the beans in a recent press release about upcoming episodes. He and Chase will rejoin the team in the Nov. 7 episode. I’ve missed them, too.

Sandra, You’re the reason I signed on at Twitter! Well, you, Lonie Love, Jared Padalecki, Josh Wolfe, Chunk (Chelsea Handler’s dog) and Adam Levine. I am enjoying the return of Supernatural on the CW but I’m a little let down over the fact that the brothers are hiding things from each other again and the lack of PTSD regarding Sam. I love Sam — especially when he smiles. — but [what about] The Cage and the antics of soul-less Sam? Any spoilers regarding Sam’s trauma (cause I also love tortured Sam) and Winchester bromance? The best Dean is butt kicking-take-no-prisoners-protective-big brother Dean! — Parker

First, I always aim to be among the ranks that include Chelsea Handler’s dog. So thanks, Parker. Ha! On to your question, in tonight’s episode (co-starring Buffy vets Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters), Sam is actually as healthy as ever. In fact, he runs now! (If you haven’t checked out this amazing outtake Padalecki Tweeted, watch it immediately!) It’s actually Dean who is having a little trouble dealing in this episode, between his Cas-nightmares and unwillingness to open up to Sam. The result is a lot of boozin’ — and a lot of pissing Sam off. It all culminates with a scene that made me a little misty-eyed and that I think you’ll like, especially if you’ve been wanting them to lay things out on the table. Also, while you don’t see much of it in this episode, I think we’re far from done with dealing with Sam’s hell issues. Who’s your Twitter fave now? Take that, Chunk!

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

How freaky was [the Halloween episode of Castle]? I’m hoping to get great comedic performances on this one… — @martucacomayuca

VERY freaky! In fact, as you reference in your tweet, I sort of creeped myself out by watching it late in the evening. That said, any minor creepy moments (yes, keep in mind I’m pretty easily spooked) are off-set by loads and loads of humor and some especially great Castle and Beckett banter as the two debate the existence of the paranormal. However, I warn you that not all the couples on this show will end the episode on great terms.

Are we going to see any more of Beckett’s PTSD this season? I feel like it’s just sort of been forgotten… — Sharon

Definitely not forgotten. C’mon, you know better than to think they’d do that! In fact, a set spy tells me an upcoming sniper case will find Beckett dealing with her PTSD in a big way. “It forces her to deal with her unresolved issues about her mother — and her own emotional choices,” says the source.

Person of Interest. This is the best new show; please tell me it is going to continue. — Yvette

I actually caught up with creator Jonathan Nolan and Michael Emerson last weekend for a fancy little press breakfast at the Trump Hotel, and got a chance to steal both of them aside to ask a few question — yours included! And Nolan told me that reaction from the studio has been “very positive.” “We have a large and growing audience,” he says. “The network has been incredibly supportive and positive … It’s a fun problem to have that you wake up every day hoping to tell a story that people find compelling and engaging, and if you do, you get to keep telling that story, which seems fair.” And I hope it continues, too. See below for why.

I’m loving Person of Interest! It’s actually the only new fall show I’ve stuck with. I hope it gets a full season! I want more eps!! Any idea what’s in store? — Laura

During our sit-down, Nolan noted that while he hopes viewers get a small piece of the serialized element in every episode, he’s also peppered a number of important mythology episodes throughout the season. Episode 9, which is a big episode for Det. Carter (Taraji P. Henson), is one of them. “One of the fun things to do is to take someone who you’ve developed a rapport with episode after episode, but maybe you haven’t discovered as much about them as you want. Then, you get a chance to put that person in the spotlight for a minute.”

What happened to Nikita and Alex? Are they going to be the way it used to be in Season 1 soon? I miss them working together and having that bond and being there for each other. — Jenny

I got the scoop on this straight from producer (and former EW employee!) Albert Kim at New York Comic-Con last weekend (see the video below, in case you missed it). Alex and Nikita’s “parallel paths” will “start converging” as we head toward the mid-season finale. For her part, Maggie Q says “there is great love there” but as Alex ultimately chooses what she gets involved with “that may become something that Nikita can’t protect her from any more”

I’d love some scoop on Nikita please! Specifically on when Owen will be returning and if him and Alex will finally meet. Thank you! — Kat

Owen returns in episode 10. As you know, he’s been working for Gogol, and Kim told me “he’s not going to be able to keep that hidden from [Nikita], which, obviously, will create a lot of friction between them.” As for a meeting between Alex and Owen, Kim said there’s a game plan to have the two cross paths eventually. The first step in that process? Owen learning the real deal with Alex! “We’ll see Nikita fill him in a bit about that situation. And then, I think, like most of the characters on this show, they’re going be on a collision course, eventually,” he says. “As far as there being any sort of relationship, we’ll have to see. We don’t even know what happens at this point.”

I feel sad for even asking because I don’t think it’s going to happen. But is there any hope for Jazmine and Crosby? — Sara

Oh, there’s hope — and possibly a drunken night on the horizon. Funny thing is that it comes when you least expect it.

Parks and Recreation!! Please! My love for this show is more fierce than Leslie’s love for waffles! — Lauren S.

Then prepare to love the upcoming Halloween episode, which we gave you a sneak peek of yesterday. Not only does the episode give us a chance to see Chris dirty dance (not the movie, I’m talking bump ‘n’ grind), but we also get to see Ron and Ann bond over tools and Leslie try to drown Tom. Did you notice none of that even had to do with Halloween? Well, it’s because those teases are just the tip of the iceberg of awesome that will blow a hole in your titanic-sized explanations. Be thankful I stopped myself where I did; that analogy could have gone on forever.

Holy $#!*! Sons of Anarchy was ridiculous this week! Is this the last of Juicy? What’s going to happen with Tara? I heard there’s a death next week. Which one is it? — Jim

This season has been bananas. And I know that’s not the most eloquent of statements, but words to describe this show sometimes escape me. That said, if you liked this week’s, prepare yourself for something even crazier in next week’s episode. First, I recommend re-watching the final scene before making any predictions. Second, there is a ridiculously huge development on the Tara front, and there’s no way in hell I’m telling you more than that. And there’s absolutely a death next week that will stick a spike in your heart — and possibly change the way you see a pivotal character.

That Walking Dead cliffhanger was all you’d promised!! Are we going to learn who shot Carl? Is he going to die? — Lisa

You will learn who shot Carl almost immediately on Sunday. As for Carl’s future, it’s definitely grim. You’ll get a clear picture of how grave his wound is and, if you’re anything like me, seeing his parents get the news will totally gut you. Also surprising? Rick will also find himself in not-so-great condition by the end of this episode, too.

Suburgatory! I’m in love with Jeremy Sisto. Just sayin’…IT’S ELTON! — Stacey

Well, I’ll have a lot for your next week because Jane Levy will be stopping by the EW! Want to know more about Tessa’s upcoming Sweet 16 party? Or about her love triangle with Thomas McDonell? Send all your questions for her to!

Any Justified scoopage?! — Val

Sure do! The show has just cast the role of Jimmy Wold, a clean-cut young thug who is the newest recruit in Boyd’s gang. The role will be played by new-to-us actor Jesse Luken, who’s very easy on the eyes, fyi.

(Lynette Rice, Eric Strecker, and Benjamin Wood contributed to this column.)

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