Weapons for Brad Pitt movie seized by Hungarian government, Lady Gaga serenades Bill Clinton, and more

1. Hungarian officials seize weapons to be used in Brad Pitt’s World War Z from duty-free zone at Budapest airport
”Knew I should have used the ‘Express ship anywhere’ option from SkyMall,” sighed Pitt.

2. After missing appointments, Lindsay Lohan kicked out of community-service assignment at women’s center, transferred to Red Cross
Asked why the Red Cross was selected, a spokesman said, ”It’s clear this thing is now an international disaster-relief effort.”

3. Pretty Little Liars‘ Diego Boneta cast as Adam in Paradise Lost movie opposite Camilla Belle as Eve
I hear they’re giving him a cool origin story.

4. Twelve actors playing zombies wounded when platform collapses on set of Resident Evil: Retribution
Overheard a lot while the paramedics were treating them: ”Fake, fake, fake — ow, ow, that one’s real!”

5. Billy Corgan starts professional wrestling company, to serve as creative director and devise story lines
Come watch a man square off against a rat in a steel cage!

6. MythBusters duo host Discovery special about Apple’s Steve Jobs
Among the myths busted: Not only are they not geniuses, it’s not even a bar!

7. Fonzie’s motorcycle from Happy Days expected to fetch up to $90,000 at auction
I figured bidding for such an essential piece of pop culture would start at $250,000, but I guess I was wrrrrr… Lemme try that again. I was wrrrrroooooo…

8. Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine recovering from neck surgery necessitated by years of headbanging
He claims this won’t affect his ability to rock, though the name change to Considerably Less Deth is a little disconcerting.

9. Lady Gaga makes President Clinton blush by serenading him at benefit concert
Things got really awkward after the show when Hillary caught Bill cheating on his vegan diet with the meat dress.

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