MC Hammer
Credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images

File under: “Didn’t see that one coming!” MC Hammer, he of the parachute pants and wiggly run, is trying to shake up the Internet. We’re not talking a viral vid here; Hammer’s launching his very own search engine. According to Mashable, Hammer announced WireDoo, his new “2 Legit 2 Quit” engine, at a web summit in San Francisco this week.

Hammer thinks WireDoo will be a game changer because it focuses on “deep search,” focusing on “relationships beyond just the keywords.” While current search giant Google does factor in keyword relationships, Hammer insists his engine (which is still in pre-beta after a two-year development period) is going to blow it, Bing, and other leading engines out of the water. Hammer didn’t announce a firm launch date at the conference.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Were Hammer’s rap hits and career in the ministry just rehearsals? Is now finally Hammer’s chance to seal his legacy? Will you take WireDoo for a test run? And will you first question be “What can’t I touch?”