By Clark Collis
October 20, 2011 at 03:30 PM EDT

When I spoke to actor John Cho not long before he started shooting A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, the actor joked that he was worried the third entry in the stoner comedy franchise was going to “sully the good name” of the 3-D medium. At least, I assumed he was joking. Having now watched the movie’s new extremely NSFW red-band trailer, I’ve changed my opinion. Indeed, I would suggest the contents of the clip not only sullifies three-dimensional movies but Western civilization as a whole.

A bong-smoking Santa. A stoned infant. Blood shooting out of Santa’s skull. The line “F— a baby into me.” A massive claymation penis. All are featured in the trailer for the movie, which debuts Nov. 4.

Don’t get me wrong: As far as I’m concerned, the clip makes the film the must-see comedy of the season. Although I suspect there are people who will be extremely offended by the sight of, for example, Neil Patrick Harris being sexually serviced in what appears to be Heaven. (Oh yeah, we forgot to mention: in the trailer, Neil Patrick Harris gets sexually serviced in what appears to be Heaven).

Check out the clip below and tell us what you think.

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