By Shaunna Murphy
October 20, 2011 at 11:43 PM EDT
Virginia Sherwood/NBC
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Earlier today, Lynette “Reaper” Rice and James “Hellfire” Hibberd (sorry, guys!) unleashed the latest, season-to-date numbers for the new shows airing this fall in their weekly Death Watch report. Some of the bottom feeders were already given full season pickups (Ringer, Hart of Dixie), but others are teetering dangerously on the edge of cancellation.

So, PopWatchers — who will be next to go? We’ve already seen The Playboy Club, Charlie’s Angels, How To Be A Gentleman, and Free Agents bite the dust, but the next picks may not be so easy. Will it be Maria Bello’s sadly underwatched Prime Suspect, or will the fabulous flight attendants of Pan Am be next to pack their bags? Will Man Up! or Last Man Standing be… well… the last man standing? Fox’s dino-drama Terra Nova has already been confined to a 13-hour first season run, but the verdict is still out on season 2. Think you’ll be seeing pterodactyls on the small screen next fall? Vote in our poll below and then defend your choice in the comments! 

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