Credit: Nick Wall

“What did they see?”

This is the tagline for Daniel Radcliffe’s eerie ghost story The Woman in Black, and when you check out the exclusive, animated poster below, you’ll get some idea of why the Harry Potter actor looks so unnerved in the photo to the left.

Think of it as an early Halloween treat from CBS Films.

Radcliffe stars in The Woman in Black as a young lawyer in the early 1900s who visits an isolated northern England village to resolve the estate of an old woman. Once there, he encounters fearful, secretive locals, as well as bizarre visions of a menacing female figure draped in black. A family photograph in the wrecked home has the eyes deliberately scratched out, and as Radcliffe’s character explores the village’s secrets, he learns that children there routinely die under mysterious circumstances.

It’s based on a novel by Susan Hill that was also turned into a hit London stage show.

At first glance, this poster image seems to have suffered not only the scratches over the eyes, but a bit of water damage as well. Move your cursor over it, however, and something else emerges…

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