In his upcoming film, The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp gives up Jack Sparrow’s mascara and natty dreads to play a hard-living American newspaperman down and out in 1950s Puerto Rico. Based on an early, semi-autobiographical novel by Hunter S. Thompson, the film was a long-in-the-works labor of love for Depp, who became real-life merry-prankster pals with the Gonzo author when he initially portrayed him in 1998’s whacked-out Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This time out, Depp gets into all sorts of trouble on the tropical island, in no small part trying to impress the easy-on-the-eyes Amber Heard. In fact, you can check the two costars out in this exclusive clip where Heard gets Depp’s engine revving. Watch below:

The Rum Diary opens on Oct. 28.

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