By Mandi Bierly
Updated October 18, 2011 at 04:59 PM EDT

Kelsey Grammer’s sitdown with Piers Morgan aired last night, and, of course, Morgan got him to open up about his very public divorce with his third wife, Camille. Did she marry Grammer because he was a TV star, he asked? “I think she married me because I was Frasier,” Grammer laughed. “I think it was Frasier. You know, he had this great wonderful life … he was stylish … and fabulous, you know, just a little gay … and he was famous. Kelsey Grammer was a different story. You got home and Kelsey Grammer was somebody different.” Asked which of Camille’s comments have hurt him most, Grammer thought of two. “She once said that I didn’t want my daughter… that pissed me off,” he offered first. (Morgan put that into context as only he could: “You’ve been a fairly hopeless husband from time to time with the various wives, and then some of them have been pretty useless wives, but you’ve throughout been a very contentious, loving father, so that kind of thing must really hurt you.”) The statement that stung both him and his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh, even more was “that thing about the child we lost … something about it being karma … it’s just disgusting,” Grammer said.

On a happier note, Grammer teared up while talking about falling in love with Walsh after spending years in his troubled marriage with Camille. “It was like all the planets had danced together into a segregated charm on our behalf,” he said. If there was a couch, he probably would have jumped on it. (And if he were really Frasier Crane, that metaphor would have made more sense.) But his elation at finally experiencing what he considers real love on the fourth try does appear genuine. Watch a clip below.

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