The vocals for Justin Bieber’s much-hyped Christmas single “Mistletoe” hit the internets yesterday, and today comes the visuals! That’s right, the video for Bieber’s light and airy, Jack Johnson-esque holiday ditty have just debuted.

The concept for the clip is simple: It’s Christmastime, snow is falling lightly but steadily, and Bieber is romancing a girl who’s not Selena Gomez. The only problem is that yet another gal pal — an old flame maybe? All that’s clear is that this dude is popular — keeps interrupting their business of teenage dating, which mostly amounts to coffee-drinking and longing glances. But this much can be said about Girl No. 2 Who’s Not Selena Gomez: Girl No. 1 Who’s Not Selena Gomez is none too pleased.

However, Girl No. 1 eventually finds herself — where else? — under the mistletoe with the follicullarly gifted singer and… Well, we won’t ruin it for you — although the headline to this post might have — but you can probably guess what happens under such a twig.

Check out all the Christmassey goodness here:

Are you enchanted by Bieber’s holiday love story? Are you perplexed about where he found snow in October? And do you sign all your Christmas cards to your main squeeze with your full name? Leave your comments below.

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