By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated October 18, 2011 at 04:11 PM EDT
Credit: Adam Taylor/Fox

Last night, House saw the exit of yet another female character this season when Thirteen was fired from House’s team. But that sounds much harsher than it actually was. In fact, it was sort of sweet.

After initially refusing House’s promptings to return to her post, Thirteen eventually caved and helped House on the case of software billionaire Benjamin (Wentworth Miller, Mmmm… ), whose altruism was a subject of debate among the staff — with many claiming it was a symptom of something greater than the dehydration he’d initially presented with.

After the case (surprise!) gets solved, House spotted Thirteen happy and beaming with her new girlfriend, with whom she had planned to move to Greece before House had pulled her back in. Upon seeing this, House fired Thirteen, knowing that if he hadn’t, her guilt would always make her return. She would always resent herself for wasting her talents for the chance to be happy — unless he gave her no choice.

House and Thirteen always shared a wild-spirit bond, and it was so refreshing for him to make a selfless act that he didn’t immediately shove in the recipient’s face. To me, that’s one of the few real gestures of genuine care for another person (on an emotional level) we’ve seen from him in a while.

As much as I enjoyed the whole scenario, part of me is also hoping we see her before the end of the series, whenever that is. They certainly left the door open.

So what did you think of Thirteen’s exit, PopWatchers? And were you as happy as I was to see Wentworth Miller back on TV?