By Lanford Beard
October 18, 2011 at 10:45 PM EDT
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After Chord Overstreet parted ways with his recurring role on Glee this fall, the news that he’s in negotiations to return has given Sam Evans fans renewed hope. It got us thinking. How would the trouty-mouthed towhead best be used in future episodes? From his first moments on the show, producers have clearly struggled to make Sam’s character more than milquetoast. Even a story arc about his father’s unemployment and a 13th-hour dalliance with Mercedes couldn’t gain any traction. So take note, Glee honchos, we have a few suggestions for you:

WARDROBE: Less is more (see: above)! Take a cue from your friends over at The CW and skip the shirts.

MUSICALITY: Since the sizzling Blaine transferred to McKinley and Mike Chang showed off his improved vocals, there is officially no space for Sam in Schue’s crew. With a few exceptions, including Sam’s “Lucky” duet with Quinn, he has been strictly back-up as a New Directions member. He could step into the foreground by joining Shelby Corcoran’s upstart show choir. With Mercedes’ recent defection, he has an in, and he could stake a claim as the fledgling group’s resident heartthrob.

LOVE LIFE: Will Sam be jealous of Mercedes and her new hunk o’ man Shane? Who cares? Sam and Mercedes’ relationship was too little, too late. Sam needs a real power player to make him more than a pretty face. To take on the Finn-Rachel power couple, he needs someone who has put Rachel to the test. We suggest The Glee Project runner-up Lindsay Pearce, whose Harmony handed Rachel’s ass to her in a rousing rendition of “Anything Goes” during this season’s premiere. Pearce still has two more episodes on her contract, and she might have a shot at landing more if Harmony and Sam raised each other’s profile.

EXTRACURRICULARS: Sam will still be strapped for cash as college approaches. Give him a job at Breadstix. There have been far too few shout-outs to the Lima, Ohio hangout this season, and it has the potential to be The Max of the Glee gang. Sam’s new place of employee could be the headquarters for McKinley’s incoming co-presidents (in our ideal world the unicorns’ election will result in a tie) and a possible setting for some seriously carb-fueled turf wars between New Directions and Shelby’s scions.

What do you think, Gleeks? Are you happy about Sam’s possible return, even if it’s only in a limited role? How do you think he should reassimilate into the ongoing story lines?

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