When watching a group of smart, socially-minded A-list celebrities try — and fail — to come up with new ideas for the Clinton Foundation in the new FunnyOrDie video, you almost can’t believe how hilariously self-aware each one of them is. There’s Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig, who put her creative mind back to work by coming up with a stop-breathing-for-one-minute-a-day initiative. There’s the still bald, still bad-ass Matt Damon championing a Clinton Foundation softball team, the Clinton Clobbers (whose mascot would be a cheetah, “the fastest animal on land.”) Then, of course, there’s the most politically-charged one of them all, Sean Penn. But the Oscar-winner wasn’t there to rally for one of his many causes. No, he’d simply like for everyone to stop stealing his lunch. (He labels his food for a reason!)

Of course, as funny as the stars are in the clip, which also includes turns by Ben Stiller, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Kevin Spacey, and Jack Black, they all get one-upped by the man himself, former President Bill Clinton.

Watch the full clip, which debuted over the weekend during a 10th anniversary concert for the Clinton Foundation at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl, and is potentially the single greatest argument of why Hollywood and politics should mix, below:

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