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In what sounds like something that could be the brain child of Liz Lemon, McDonald’s will be launching an in-store channel, called, you guessed it, the McDonald’s Channel. It will be a digital network featuring “exclusive original content” aimed at folks who like their fast-food with a side of television.

The channel will be rolled out in nearly 800 McDonald’s California locations over the next few months, with original programming that includes 20-minute “pods” such as a “McDonald’s Channel Music News” (which one can only hope will consist of playing the late, great Wesley Willis’ “Rock N’ Roll McDonald’s” or the Filet-O-Fish jingle on repeat). Here’s some other ideas for more programming the restaurant could air on their in-house entertainment channel:

–An America’s Most Wanted segment chronicling the Hamburglar. He is, after all, one of this country’s most notorious criminals.

–Ken Burns’ McRib. It would be riveting. Well, at least it would be to Jack Osbourne.

–Give Grimace his own talk show. It’s his time. Ronald has had the spotlight for too long.

–A cooking segment in which they make nothing but McGriddles. It’s a breakfast sandwich made with pancakes. And the pancakes have syrup inside of them. We need solid evidence that this is real.

–An Antiques Roadshow featuring nothing more their collectible cups. We’re all going to be filthy rich!

–Campaign commercials with Mayor McCheese against Herman Cain. Pizza vs. cheeseburgers: Make your vote count!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Any suggestions for what should run on McTV? Share in the comments section below!

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