In a truly embarrassing snafu, the National Book Foundation admitted that it incorrectly named Shine, the controversial novel by popular young adult author Lauren Myracle, as a nominee in the Young People’s Literature category last week. The debacle began on Wednesday when the NBF accidentally listed Shine instead of Chime by Franny Billingsley as a nominee. Initially, the list of nominees grew to six to include both Shine and Chime, but on Friday, Myracle was asked to officially withdraw from the running to preserve the “integrity” of the awards and the judges’ decisions. The NBF has agreed to donate $5,000 to the Matthew Shepard Foundation in recognition of their mistake. (The plot of Shine centers on a gay teen who falls victim to a heinous hate crime.)

On Twitter, Myracle was over the moon last Wednesday in response to her nomination: “I’m a lucky girl for SO many reasons. THANK YOU, TWITS-wait-TWEETS? TWITTERERS! Thx, Twitterfolk, for all yr txts. I’m grinning BIG time!” This morning, she seems to be taking the news in stride, mostly responding to followers and fellow writer friends who are offering their condolences: “Ha! Luv u, Gayle!!! RT @gayleforman: Phew. SHINE can join the list of my other best-of 2011 books that were not nominated for an #NBA.”

Harold Augenbraum, the National Book Foundation’s executive director, told Publishers Marketplace, “We regret the hurt that it caused Lauren. It’s none of her doing. On behalf of the Foundation, I apologize. [Myracle’s] work is very good. what more can I say?”

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