By Nuzhat Naoreen
October 17, 2011 at 08:35 AM EDT
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Maybe it’s too soon to say this, but this season of Desperate Housewives isn’t exactly living up to my expectations. I know there have only been four episodes so far and my expectations are probably unrealistically high, but that being said, this is the final season of a series built on seven (!) years of history. That’s a lot of story to resolve and the reason I expected each episode  to be seriously buzzworthy. But that hasn’t exactly been the case so far.

Take for instance Sunday night’s episode, in which each of the Wisteria lane ladies (minus Renee who kind of dropped in here and there), took on a personal challenge — a theme that tied together an otherwise disconnected narrative.

Susan, who kissed and made up with Mike (yes, it was that easy) post-murder-cover-up confession, faced off against a renowned artist who mocked her drawings when she tried to enroll in his class. Bree, who couldn’t hold back the “I told you so’s,” spent her time trying to convince her newly divorced daughter to stop sulking and get her act together. Advice, which would inevitably backfire when her daughter decided to start a business selling a piece of “excercise equipment,” that Renee (who else?) quickly pointed out was a very adult swing. Meanwhile, Lynette picked up on the fact that her husband was dating someone else (thanks again to Renee, who is clearly the wisest of them all!), and started stalking him to get confirmation. I have to admit, after Renee implied that Lynette’s drab clothes weren’t going to help her get her husband back, I thought we were headed toward a makeover episode, which in my opinion, would have been a lot more fun. Here’s hoping it happens next week (I’m a total sucker for that stuff)!

Finally, a huge chunk of this episode was devoted to Gaby’s run-in (literally) with an overbearing PTA president/parking regulator at her daughter’s school (umm didn’t Modern Family’s Claire JUST go through this? Total missed cross-over opportunity). In the end Gaby was handed all PTA presidential duties with the ominous warning that whoever is in charge tends to become bitter, single and anti-social. I, for one, can’t wait to see Gaby become the queen bee of the PTA (hear that, writers?!).

While each of the storylines had entertaining moments, the reason I walked away from the episode feeling underwhelmed (and the reason I’m questioning this season as a whole) is because they were was such a lack of connectivity. I mean, considering this is the LAST season, I’d actually like to see the ladies of Wisteria Lane spend some time together. Instead, with the exception of Renee, who pretty much got the sidekick role in this one, and a blink-and-you-missed-it scene between Gaby and Bree, the women mostly interacted with outside characters. I understand that those interactions were necessary to help build each woman’s arc going forward, but did we really need an ENTIRE episode of them? Also, though I’m glad the episodes haven’t gotten too dark post-murder drama, it’d be nice to see some more movement where that’s concerned (and I don’t mean through Susan’s angry paintings…yeesh, stick to cute animals, lady). The most intriguing moment of the episode for me was the last scene, when creepy Detective Chuck Vance gets the file that could prove disastrous for the women (but possibly good for us viewers?)…and that’s saying something.

Ok, now that I’ve said my peace. What do you guys think? Am I being WAY too negative here? Or do you feel the same? Is this season living up to your expectations? Or is there room to improve? Sound off in the comments!

Eva Longoria Parker, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman star in the soap set on the dangerous Wisteria Lane
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