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Love is in the air at the BAU! But for who?

Former Dirty Sexy Money star Bellamy Young will guest in an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds as Beth, a museum curator who meets Hotch (Thomas Gibson) in the park while he’s training for triathalon.

The episode also guest stars Charles S. Dutton, playing a boxing trainer at a Philadelphia gym.

Before the start of the season, showrunner Erica Messer teased a new romance for one of the agents, but declined to give details. She had also hinted, however, that she wanted this season to see a new beginning for Hotch, whose ex-wife was killed a few season ago. “Hotch … has been going through the motions of raising a child as a single working parent and mourning the loss of a great love,” she told EW after the premiere. “And even though he and Haley were divorced, she was his first love, his only life and all that. We’d really like him to smile again and let go of that. It’s going to be new and exciting for all of us and the audience.”

Young, who stars in the upcoming Shonda Rhimes-produced Scandal, has also appeared on Scrubs and CSI: Miami.

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