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Updated October 16, 2011 at 11:10 PM EDT
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Desperate Housewives

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Last week on Desperate Housewives, Mike found himself pulled into the so-far season-long story arc about the wives’ murder cover-up. And while this is going to bring a lot more trouble for Mike in the coming episodes, James Denton couldn’t be happier about Mike’s sudden involvement.

“Mike hasn’t had a lot to do in the last couple of years,” Denton says. “It’s fun to be in the middle of the mystery again. That’s what’s been most rewarding.”

For Mike, the reward will come in the form of being able to helping his wife deal with the emotional and criminal aspects of her actions in the next few episodes. “Fortunately for Susan, Mike has the most experience with criminal activity of anyone on the street,” Denton quips.

And following last week’s near-kiss between Susan and Carlos, Denton says Mike will address their issues more head-on. “They lived together for a little bit while on the show,” he says. “Mike and Tom are more neighbors. But Mike and Carlos have a real history. So it’s great the writers are letting us deal with that, and I think the viewers will be glad we’re not just ignoring that side of it. There’s a great scene in the next episode where he asks Carlos, ‘How could you drag my wife into this?’ It was your mess and now it’s mine. So it’s fun to deal with it as friends.”

With the last season well underway, Denton says the central mystery that is now starting to involve all the characters has given the show “a full-circle” feel that he appreciates. But there’s still one thing he’s hoping to see before the end: “more familiar faces, like Cody Cash, who played my son Zach…. I wish Dana Delany could come back. There are rumors, but of course she’s got her own show and is busy. Still, I think the audience would really enjoy it.”

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