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Order in the court!

This week’s episode of Supernatural took us to the trial of Dean Winchester, where the brother was forced by the Egyptian god Osiris to confront the guilt he’s constantly battling. The punishment for being found guilty? Death by appropriate means. (The “Michael Vick” victim was mauled by ghost doggie and the man who killed people 30 years ago in a convenience store robbery was shot by the ghosts of the people he killed.) So, in order to avoid the harsh sentence, Sam stepped up and called upon his pre-law skills (key word: pre) and his knowledge of The Good Wife to help Dean out of his predicament. But Osiris came to the trial well armed. His first witness? A blast from supernatural past…Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal).

In case you have memory loss, let me refresh you: Jo and her mom, Ellen, were blown up in season 5 after Jo was attacked by hellhounds while trying to save Dean. Knowing she had slim to zero chances of surviving her injuries, Jo sacrificed herself so Dean and Sam could escape. (Her mom also jumped on board the suicide mission, in one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever featured on this show that did not involve the brothers.) But the history of their relationship ran even deeper.

The only way Osiris could win the trial was if Dean carried guilt in his heart. After last week’s episode, we knew he was especially feeling guilty. But then Osiris brought Jo in to seal the deal. While Jo was on the witness stand, Osiris reminded her that Dean should have pushed her to not pursue hunting and sent her back home after she tried to get involved in a case for the first time. False, Sam said later. It was no Dean’s responsibility to take her back to her mother. And Sam also pointed out that Jo’s dad had more to do with her getting into hunting than Dean.

After they were done with Jo. Osiris called Sam to the stand and in an effort to get Dean to feel bad about getting Sam into hunting when Sam was on track to be (apparently a fairly decent) lawyer. If anything, I think this hit Dean the hardest. Imagine, years ago, back on the WB, if Sam had said declined to hop into the Impala and chase monsters with Dean. None of this would have happened (and I’d be a sad, sad person). Sam tried to spin it with his answers, but, as Dean told ghost Jo later, he knew that he was, at least in part, responsible for everything that’s transpired in Sam’s life since then. Sam wouldn’t hear it, though. When Dean took the stand, Sam eased the weight on his brother’s shoulders with a chat that should have happened a long time ago. (But these are macho hunters who, of course, have to be threatened with death before they talk about their feelings.) He pointed out that Dean had no way of predicting what would have happened by getting Sam into hunting again, and that Jo’s death, while sad, was not his fault.

Now that it looked like Sam was winning, Osiris stepped up his game. Before he called his last witness — who undoubtedly would have been Amy, the monster ex-girlfriend of Sam’s that Dean killed last week despite Sam’s wishes — Osiris gave Dean a chance to stop the trial, aka: accept his sentence. Knowing what his next move would be, Dean reluctantly let Osiris bring down the gavel.

This is the point in the episode where I typically know that the boys will find a way out of a really bad situation but I never know how. As Dean predicted, Osiris sent Jo’s ghost after Dean to carry out the sentence while Sam worked hard to find the lore about Osiris so that he could find a way to kill him. He succeeded, of course, but not before a terribly depressing scene between Jo and Dean where Jo tried to give Dean at least a little peace before she had to blow him up. But he insisted he was “90 percent crap.” (I think the word you were looking for, dear, is “walking sex.” KIDDING! I had to get one in. Forgive me.)

After Dean was saved from becoming flame broiled, we got our first outside-the-Impala heart-to-heart of the season! Sam asked Dean about who he thought Osiris’ last witness old be, but Dean deflected, saying it could have been anyone. LIES! I was disappointed that Dean didn’t take the opportunity to tell Sam about what he did to Amy. Sam had just saved hit butt, had he not earned a little truth? Of course, Dean keeping his secret is better dramatically speaking. So I understand the choice. Also, the brothers are in a pretty good place right now. They’re getting along, united, and, as Sam said (speaking for himself), he “kinda feels good.” I think that was another reason Dean felt like not telling Sam was the right decision.

So, readers, had you hoped Dean would tell Sam about Amy? What did you think of the episode? And [minor spoiler] NEXT WEEK, we have a Buffy reunion on Supernatural! REJOICE!

Last, this episode was (understandably) without many laughs. But these three moments stood out to me. Am I missing any?


Dean: Sam, you’re not a lawyer.

Sam: I was pre-Law

Dean: Yeah, pre.

Sam: Objection!

Osiris: On what grounds?

Sam: Witnesses being called without prior notice.

Dean: Good one.

Sam: I saw it on The Good Wife.

Jo: He was right about one thing…

Dean: What? Your massive crush on me?


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