By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated October 15, 2011 at 01:39 PM EDT
Credit: TLC

I will never understand why people feel the need to mess with a perfectly good thing.

Last night, Say Yes to the Dress took viewers outside the walls of Kleinfeld’s and into, erm, New Jersey for the show’s first-ever making-of-the-wedding special.

We followed plus-sized bride Kelly Miller, who we first met on season one of Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss. Many, including Kelly herself, would call the bride featured on last night’s special overbearing and a lot to handle. That definitely factored into my distaste for this wedding special, but it was far from the only reason.

Perhaps my expectations were too high, but being that Say Yes is associated with Kleinfeld’s, the epitome of high-class wedding service, I expected the wedding — and bride — to be nothing less than the picture of elegance. Perhaps a bride with an exceptional story of perseverance or someone who has beat the odds. I was hoping to be inspired, like I often am by some of the women on the show. My favorite brides are the ones who we meet while they are discouraged and leave with dreams come true. (And, yes, I recognize how corny that is, but if you disagree, you probably haven’t made it this far in the article anyway.)

Instead, I found myself watching TLC’s answer to Bridezilla, which even at its worst, was 10 times better than any episode of Bridezilla. But that’s still not necessarily saying much. While Miller is, I’m sure, a sweet girl, she seemed mostly concerned with whining and making demands. Again, not what I’d hoped for.

Oh, well. At least her dress looked gorgeous. But that was accomplished when I saw her featured on Say Yes. I’m not sure why they decided to branch out with this special, but, frankly, I hope they stick to dresses from now on.

So, readers, did any of you also find yourself watching this special on a Friday night? (Lame, exhausted people unite!) What did you think? Was I the only one who’d hoped for a lovely affair?