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October 15, 2011 at 10:00 PM EDT

Okay, so the disappointing What’s Your Number? didn’t exactly add up to box office gold for Anna Faris. That doesn’t mean we still can’t count on the actress for a good laugh. (Hey, we didn’t declare her as one of the 25 Funniest Actresses in Hollywood for no good reason.)

That’s why were not letting her turn in that particular romantic comedy get in the way of our excitement about Faris hosting tonight’s Saturday Night Live. Because Faris, when given the right material, is a fun, fearless, and refreshing comedic gem. Sound like a certain other actress who recently killed it as SNL host? While the SNL writers didn’t particularly give last week’s host Ben Stiller much to work with, here’s hoping they up the ante once more for Faris. But will they play to her usual strength of playing a dopey but lovable ditz (i.e. The House Bunny, Scary Movie, Smiley Face) or will they give her material more range? (Something she most definitely has.)

If you’re tuning in for tonight’s episode, which will also feature rapper Drake (pictured with Faris and SNL all-star Jason Sudeikis) making his debut as a Saturday Night Live musical guest, be sure to stop by here and post your thoughts on the show as it’s happening. Are you hoping to see Faris play the straight woman or go for pratfalls? And speaking of Pratts, are you also sort of hoping her equally hilarious hubby Chris will swing by for a cameo, too? Share in the comments section below and remember to check back in later tonight to give your opinion on the show. A full recap will be up on Sunday morning.

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