By Stephan Lee
Updated October 15, 2011 at 02:24 PM EDT
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Credit: Courtesy of Kevin and Colin Cotter
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These days, blogging well is the sweetest revenge. But Kevin Cotter, box-salesman-turned-author of the blog-to-book 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress (out Oct. 25), doesn’t seem to have revenge on the mind. Sure, he’s photographed himself doing some awful things to his ex-wife’s wedding dress, but he keeps the tone of his book lighthearted, funny, and at times, insightful. Either way, his wife did tell him to do “whatever the f—” he wanted with the dress on the way out the door. Click through for some of Cotter’s ingenious uses — and disuses — for marital tulle. Tell us which ones are your favorites!


“I always thought Snuggies were stupid but my wedding dress Snuggie turned me into a believer.”

NEXT: When you want to eat your feelings away …


“A wedding dress with tulle works wonderfully.”

NEXT: And when things get messy …


“A wedding dress actually makes a very good bib, despite its poor absorbency.”

NEXT: When you just want to disappear …


“A wedding dress should make excellent snow camouflage, at least when it’s still relatively white.”

NEXT: Whether or not your life’s in shambles, a guy still has to look good …


“Colin is a real straight shooter and would never have said that this was the most comfortable barber smock ever unless that was indeed the case.”

NEXT: When you need to make a quick escape …DRAG RACE PARACHUTE

“If you want to try out a wedding dress as a drag race parachute, then I suggest you find a vehicle faster than a Go-Kart.”

NEXT: When you forget how it feels to be a kid …


“I don’t even know if you can call a wedding dress a Slip ‘N Side. A more appropriate name might be a Slip ‘N Slam.”

NEXT: There are no words for the next one …SUMO MAWASHI

“After I took it off, I felt really itchy. Maybe I should have washed it after all.”


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