October 14, 2011 at 10:23 PM EDT

Many shows came and went this week, and the music featured in them proved a rich testament to just how good the fall season is shaping up to be for those new shows that have earned their place and the returning shows that continue to impress. From the silly (Jersey Shore, Community) to the serious (Sons of Anarchy, The Vampire Diaries), and even reality shows (Dancing With the Stars, The X Factor), our favorite shows offered a treasure trove of musical gems. See our picks after the jump!


The song: “Prelude” from Pyscho

The episode: “Round Four” (1304)

The hook: Ricki Lake seemed thisclose a breaking point during rehearsals for Tuesday’s “Movie Night” show, but when she took the stage, she proved her star quality — and redeemed herself for Mrs. Winterbourne — over the next 90 seconds. Let’s overlook Derek Hough’s flesh goatee and focus on the musicality in his choreography and his evocative silhouette staging. Did Lake stumble a few times? Yes. Were her scores (the first two 10s of the season courtesy of Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli) overly generous? Perhaps. But when Dancing‘s choreographers forego half-baked pop covers, the results are often magical (see: “Hedwig’s Theme” from season 12). Say it with me now… “Go Ricki! Go Ricki!”

Watch it! The Psycho-tically good tango begins just after the first hour mark on Dancing’s Hulu page. Read along to our own Annie Barrett’s recap while you watch.

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