Are you ready to experience some Shame? One of the very buzziest films of the season, Shame — which reunites Fassbender with director Steve McQueen (they made the highly lauded 2008 film Hunger) — is a provocative look at a Manhattan man struggling with a crippling sex addiction. Watch below:

The film does show an awful lot of explicit sex and a downright staggering amount of full frontal Fassbender (Fox Searchlight will be releasing the film on December 2 with a NC-17 rating), but as this evocative trailer shows, the film is less concerned with shocking and much more interested in exploring the damage an affliction like sex addiction can cause. While not giving away much in the way of plot (or the much hyped Fassbender nudity), this trailer makes good use of McQueen’s sleek and melancholy vision of Manhattan, and shows Brandon (Fassbender) who seems to have it all — good looking, successful in his business and with the ladies — but in reality is falling apart. Carey Mulligan plays Brandon’s fragile sister who comes to stay with him and forces his issues to the surface and to a breaking point. Fassbender has already picked up the Venice Film Festival award for best actor, and will no doubt be a contender heading into Oscar season.

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