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October 14, 2011 at 10:10 PM EDT

It’s hard to say, “Poor Minka Kelly!” (I mean, come on… seriously!) But, as any avid fan of Friday Night Lights can attest, we tend to keep an eye out for our beloved Dillon natives. (In case you were wondering what all that excessive gawking at Taylor Kitsch was about. Just keepin’ tabs on Timmy Riggins, is all.)

Still, it was hard not to feel a little bad for “poor Minka Kelly” when it was announced today that her new series, ABC’s remake of Charlie’s Angels, has been canceled. And just a few weeks after her split from longtime boyfriend Derek Jeter, no less. But, let’s not feel too sorry for Lyla Garrity for too long (because, seriously, come on). Because I’m pretty sure the Bravermans would still love to have Kelly back as Max’s behavioral aide Gaby over on Parenthood.

Sure, she may have helped cause the demise of Crosby and Jasmine, and during this week’s episode, Amber proved she could actually make a viable candidate as Max’s aide, but seeing as Jason Katims also keeps an eye out for his FNL kids, surely he’d welcome her back, yes? And now that Alex (Michael B. Jordan) is gone, there’s a very distinct lack of FNL-ers anywhere to be found. (Unless, of course, they want to send Haddie to a Crucifictorious concert or something. Then by all means, please do!)

And despite the Crosby-Gaby-Jasmine mess, I’ve legitimately have missed her on the show. She was believable, likable, and most importantly, a great fit for Max. Sure, it would cause some drama at first (hey, where would the Bravermans be without a little drama?), but I’d venture to guess fans would accept her with equally open arms.

Then again, she could just start practicing her Texas twang once more to get back in character for the Friday Night Lights movie, ya’ll?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should Minka Kelly make a return to Parenthood or should she set her sights elsewhere? Share in the comments section below.

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