By Kyle Anderson
Updated October 14, 2011 at 09:16 PM EDT

Ubiquitous DJ-turned-dance music producer David Guetta is closing in on a banner 2011, thanks to his guest-happy, hit-filled solo album Nothing But the Beat.

The album’s third single “Without You,” which features syrupy, plaintive vocals care of Usher, is currently sitting at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, and the track now has a flashy video that premiered earlier today.

The video opens with a little intercontinental flavor, driving home the fact that Guetta is beloved all over the world. While Guetta is laying down beats for hordes of people, Usher is all alone on a beach.

But wait! Before you weep for Usher and his loneliness, there’s a (literally earth-shattering) twist!

Check out the clip below, and feel free to do your little desk chair dance to keep your Friday afternoon funky.

The conclusion of the video is based on the geological theory that each of the continents on Earth once existed as one gigantic super-continent called Pangea.

The likelihood of the continents re-forming is pretty low, though Guetta’s insistence that the power of communal dancing could untether entire countries feels a lot like that urban legend about people flushing the toilet during the Super Bowl.

But readers, you tell us — do you believe?

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