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October 14, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Colleen Hayes/ABC Family

We’re a few weeks into the new season and the greatness just keeps on coming. No, I’m not talking about me, but I’m flattered.

I’m talking about TV, silly. And judging by the volume of your tweets and e-mails, you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

Special thanks to everyone who has been sending me tweets and e-mailing questions as you tune into new episodes of your favorite shows. They keep me entertained when I’m bored and give me something to read when I’m trying to ignore someone on the elevator. Keep it up!

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So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of good stuff about the season premiere of Bones. Well, I can confirm it’s all true. Proof, you say? Well, here’s what I can tell you about the Nov. 3 episode…


* ‘Shipper dreams come true

Allow me to point to a line in the episode description that has been released: “…Brennan and Booth acclimate to their new life as a pregnant couple.’ And they’re not joking around. In the first five minutes, there are no less than two gasp-worthy moments for any longtime fan of this couple because the extent to which their world has changed is immediately apparent. This is coming from someone who openly wept the first four times I rewound the 100th episode — I appreciate quality moments. And there are plenty quality moments.

* No sex scene? No problem.

As one of those who was a little sad we didn’t get to see Bones and Booth have a little sexy time last year when they finally hooked up, I can tell you that I walked away from this episode feeling satisfied — but not necessarily because they gave me exactly what I originally wanted. Let’s just say there’s a nod to nakedness that left me with a visual that was as good or better (in my weird opinion) as seeing them have sex.

* It’s still Bones.

So, some of you liked how Bones was. I get it. Change is scary. That said, the first five minutes aren’t just schmoop. There’s a truly disgusting thing involving an eyeball that I was happy to see because I love Bones — the gooey, fun crime show as much as I love the characters. And while much of this episode introduces this new journey for our main characters, there’s still a case, still a twist, and still a show about two people who work together to solve crimes. The rest is just gravy.


When we reunite with our now-rogue band of spies on Oct. 28, I’m not going to lie…  things are going to be different. For one, not only have Chuck and Sarah found themselves struggling with the financial realities of starting up a rogue spy agency (you’d be surprised how quickly hundreds of millions of dollars gets spent…), but Morgan is still learning the ins and outs of his new abilities. In fact, the first moments of the premiere episode plop us right in the middle of Morgan’s first opportunity to test his skills on a mission. Um, let’s just say he’s still working on it.

But above all, the first episode is all about Chuck’s adjustment to being, well, a regular guy. He’s lost his once-cool abilities and finds himself doing menial tasks during assignments while Morgan takes lead. It’s kind of a blow to his ego. Will he rise above? Well, you’ll see.

The best part of the premiere, however, is Chuck’s quest to buy Sarah her dream home as a surprise. As with most things, this storyline takes a twist, but to those who wondered if we’d like watching Chuck and Sarah’s married life, I say, you won’t be disappointed. There’s still so much magic being made between these two.

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