By Sandra Gonzalez
October 14, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
Colleen Hayes/ABC Family

Colleen Hayes/ABC Family

We’re a few weeks into the new season and the greatness just keeps on coming. No, I’m not talking about me, but I’m flattered.

I’m talking about TV, silly. And judging by the volume of your tweets and e-mails, you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

Special thanks to everyone who has been sending me tweets and e-mailing questions as you tune into new episodes of your favorite shows. They keep me entertained when I’m bored and give me something to read when I’m trying to ignore someone on the elevator. Keep it up!

Send queries to and @EWSandraG. I will try to comb through comment questions, but I don’t always have a chance. So the first two methods are preferred, if possible. Thanks, guys!


So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of good stuff about the season premiere of Bones. Well, I can confirm it’s all true. Proof, you say? Well, here’s what I can tell you about the Nov. 3 episode…


* ‘Shipper dreams come true

Allow me to point to a line in the episode description that has been released: “…Brennan and Booth acclimate to their new life as a pregnant couple.’ And they’re not joking around. In the first five minutes, there are no less than two gasp-worthy moments for any longtime fan of this couple because the extent to which their world has changed is immediately apparent. This is coming from someone who openly wept the first four times I rewound the 100th episode — I appreciate quality moments. And there are plenty quality moments.

* No sex scene? No problem.

As one of those who was a little sad we didn’t get to see Bones and Booth have a little sexy time last year when they finally hooked up, I can tell you that I walked away from this episode feeling satisfied — but not necessarily because they gave me exactly what I originally wanted. Let’s just say there’s a nod to nakedness that left me with a visual that was as good or better (in my weird opinion) as seeing them have sex.

* It’s still Bones.

So, some of you liked how Bones was. I get it. Change is scary. That said, the first five minutes aren’t just schmoop. There’s a truly disgusting thing involving an eyeball that I was happy to see because I love Bones — the gooey, fun crime show as much as I love the characters. And while much of this episode introduces this new journey for our main characters, there’s still a case, still a twist, and still a show about two people who work together to solve crimes. The rest is just gravy.


When we reunite with our now-rogue band of spies on Oct. 28, I’m not going to lie…  things are going to be different. For one, not only have Chuck and Sarah found themselves struggling with the financial realities of starting up a rogue spy agency (you’d be surprised how quickly hundreds of millions of dollars gets spent…), but Morgan is still learning the ins and outs of his new abilities. In fact, the first moments of the premiere episode plop us right in the middle of Morgan’s first opportunity to test his skills on a mission. Um, let’s just say he’s still working on it.

But above all, the first episode is all about Chuck’s adjustment to being, well, a regular guy. He’s lost his once-cool abilities and finds himself doing menial tasks during assignments while Morgan takes lead. It’s kind of a blow to his ego. Will he rise above? Well, you’ll see.

The best part of the premiere, however, is Chuck’s quest to buy Sarah her dream home as a surprise. As with most things, this storyline takes a twist, but to those who wondered if we’d like watching Chuck and Sarah’s married life, I say, you won’t be disappointed. There’s still so much magic being made between these two.

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Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl is easily one of my favorites of the new season. So in prep for the awesomely drama-filled affair, I picked out a few questions.



I’d love to learn more about Nate and Chuck’s stories on #GossipGirl. Anything on Monkey Bass is particularly interesting — @chateluy

Awwww, Monkey Bass. Well, I can’t say you see too much doggie action in Monday’s episode, but I can tell you that the plans are currently for Monkey to stick around for a good while! He’s not going anywhere.

Despite recent events, I still root for Dan and Serena as a couple. With Dan’s book coming, is there any hope for DS to reconnect somehow in the near future?Leslie

I’ll only speak for Monday’s ep, but let’s just say Serena joins the Humphrey Haters as a result of her portrayal. It’s safe to say a relationship with Dan is pretty far from her mind in this episode. Can’t say the same for someone else, though…

Fishing for new Chuck/Blair info like it’s my job: can you give us more hints about the great Chuck/Louis scene coming up? #GG — @lucreziareigns

Thought it may be brief (I could honestly watch those two interact for hours!) it’s an emotionally raw moment that made my heart hurt.


Sandra, did you see the pics of the Slutty Pumpkin!? Would love to know your thoughts…and some scoop would be nice, too! — Tori

I did. And though I first was skeptical about the casting choice, I’ve come to peace with it and have become full-blown excited about the appearance from SP. Also, it helped that Carter Bays seemed confident about the choice last time I chatted with him. “We’ve met with Katie a couple times, and she’s definitely very excited to do it,” he says. “As fans of TV, we loved Dawson’s Creek, and I’ve been a fan of Katie Holmes since Pieces of April, which I thought was just a fantastic movie.” As for scoop, Bays also shared that as of right now, “there may be more” than just one episode with the Slutty Pumpkin. “That’s still being hashed out,” he said.

As a fellow fan of

If you love Zoe and Wade interactions, brace yourself for the next episode. Let’s just say, things get hot. Um, literally. There’s a heat wave in Bluebell, but that could give way to some steamy action of another kind, if you catch my drift.

The Closer, please! I feel like the final months are going by way too fast!! — Jarret

Here’s a bit of casting news. Detroit 1-8-7’s Amanda Warren has been cast as Deputy DA Claire Baldwin, a young DA who ends up squaring off with Brenda over a rape case. Let’s just say they have different definitions of “justice served.” She’ll appear in the episode titled “Hostile Witness,” airing next summer.

I’d love some scoop on Damien’s appearance on Glee! I loved him on The Glee Project and can’t wait for him to come on! — Alex

Wait no more. Here’s your sneak peek.

Thanks for your chat with Eric Christen Olsen! Would love scoop on anything on NCIS: LA! — Marien

Well, there’s a lot to get excited about in November, and next week I’ll have more details on that. But frankly, I’m most excited about seeing Olsen and co-star Daniela Ruah hit the dance floor in the Nov. 8 episode! “Danny and I do the waltz,” he says. “It’s brief and hilarious.” Natural next question: Who’s the better dancer? “Are you kidding me? Totally Dani.” He admits, laughing. ” [It’s] not even close. She, Daniela Ruah, is winner of Dancing With the Stars Portugal. She is the real deal.”

What is going to happen to Tara on SOA? I need to know! I hope she doesn’t die. I would be so sad, and I’ll probably want to throw things at my TV if it was to happen. — Briauna

The next two episodes of Sons are en route to me as we speak! But a spy tells me the Tara arc is something that will take more than a few episodes to play out fully. “S—s gonna go down!” says my source frankly. As for the possibility of more bodies piling up? “You might have a few…”

Is there any juicy stuff coming for Sam Winchester on Supernatural? — Andrea

Always! But especially if he’s the brother who ended up filming at **e ***i* **** I saw on the call sheet during my set visit last week. But there’s no way to be sure who that was exactly. Actually, there is. But I’m not telling.

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I got this gnawing sensation in the back of my skull, I mean my mind! I need to know if we’re gonna see Tyrese in the new season of The Walking Dead? – Brandy

Great question… that I don’t have a non-rumor answer for you quite yet. But I’ll try to get my colleagues to squeeze for the scoop when they head to The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic-Con. On that note, if you have any questions about the new season, send them to and I’ll pass them on for you! This is where I’d normally give you consolation scoop on Dead‘s second episode, which I just watched. But in order to give you something good, you most definitely have to have seen episode 1, which airs this Sunday. So let’s make a deal:, Watch episode 1, and e-mail me immediately after with your follow-ups. Cool? (Also, PREPARE YOURSELF!)

I need some Walking Dead scoop! I know you have the first two episodes. So start talking! — Joe

AH! I can’t take the pressure!! Fine, here’s a tiny nugget: A very important mission will take Shane and a character you don’t meet until episode 2 to a high school overrun by zombies. THAT’S. ALL. I. CAN. SAY.

Pretty Little Liars!!! I need to know about this Halloween episode. It looks amazing. — Jo

It looks that way because it’s going to be! Sasha Pieterse dished to EW earlier this week that the episode will have many reveals. (More on that in a sneak peek next week!) Meanwhile, she also said that the Halloween episode will find Alison’s relationship with her brother Jason “not as broken.” “Alison and Jason definitely have a twisted relationship. As the second half of the season goes on, you’ll see why. I can’t say why yet. We want to give you so much, but we can’t!”

Anything to report on Nikita! It’s been a while… — Mari

Nothing yet, but I will next week. Tomorrow, I’m spending some time with the cast of Nikita at New York Comic Con! So make sure to send me all your questions! and follow me for some live-tweet action! (@EWSandraG)

How does @EW not recap #TheLyingGame?! It seems like something that you would be totally into. It’s embarrassingly addictive. — @amydebeau

I do watch! But, I’ll admit, it’s EW’s Lanford Beard who shares your addicted status (Although, I think she’s anything but embarrassed by it!) Beard actually had a chance to chat with Alexandra Chando and got some scoop on the midseason finale, airing next week. Particularly, Chando dished that the last episode will be a big one for Ethan and Emma. We haven’t started filming. We start production again on Oct. 26, so we’ll film through mid-February. I haven’t even read the next episode, which I’m very excited “The last couple of episodes, it’s always been a rollercoaster between the two of them,” she says. “More of that is seen in the finale between the two of them. Ethan, at this point, is obviously getting …[but]I think that the two of them reach a resolution in the finale.”

You need to get EW to send you to Hawaii to the #H50 set! You know you want to… :-) #GetOnThat — @reebsreiswig

Oh, my. How did this get in here? Well, no point in taking it out now…

Alright, so since Psych had a Fan Appreciation Day and it was awesome — even though I watched from home — I was thinking that there should be one for Fringe too!  Any chance you could pass that idea along? In the meantime some scoop from Psych or Fringe would be awesomeness! Thanks!!Michelle  

Consider it passed (and supported wholly by yours truly!). As for scoop, I’ll take Fringe, because upon watching the excellent second episode, I’m itching to tell someone about Lassiter’s hook-up with Kristy Swanson! Yes, hook-up. We always knew Swanson would be (fittingly!) appearing in the vampire spoof episode, titled “This Episode Sucks.” But even I didn’t know we’d get to see Lassiter show his game. Well done, Lassie. Well done. And on the Fringe front, if you missed my chat with John Noble, watch it below!

(Lynette Rice, Benjamin Wood, Erin Strecker, and Lanford Beard contributed to this column.)