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Updated October 13, 2011 at 03:51 PM EDT
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The New York Comic-Con kicks off today, but the festivities got off to an early start last night, when Hasbro hosted a preview of their 2012 slate of toys. Since the manufacturer has the rights to big franchises like Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, we went in expecting some intriguing sneak peeks at next year’s superhero projects. But there was a nice surprise in store — or at least, a nice surprise if you’re the kind of excitable geek fetishist who used to save every issue of Star Wars Insider. (Guilty!) Read on…

First up, let’s take a look at the Avengers toys. Iron Man still looks like vintage Iron Man, despite my long-running campaign to convince Marvel Studios to bring the ’80s-chic “Silver Centurion” armor to life:

Next we see Hawkeye, who looks exactly like Jeremy Renner. Or rather, he looks like Jeremy Renner after a million years of pull-ups. I recognize the biceps and the triceps, but what are all those other muscles? Can’t wait for the Hawkeye/Hulk arm wrestling scene.

Black Widow, shown here with some totally necessary pouches.

This figure represents the tweaked version of Captain America’s costume that will be seen in Avengers. I thought the WWII-era costume in this summer’s Captain America was awesome. I’m still not entirely onboard with the new outfit — are metallic shoulder-pads really necessary?

Elsewhere in the Marvel Universe, here’s a look at the new action figure for next year’s rebooted Spider-Man. It’s difficult to tell in this picture — which, by the way, there’s a reason why I never get to hold the camera on family vacations — but the costume material on the toy actually captured the specific rubbery look of the film’s costume. (My colleague Keith Staskiewicz refers to it as “the basketball fabric.”)

But let’s get to the really fun stuff. To tie in with the Star Wars Blu-ray release, Hasbro is releasing a few toys which are specifically based on a single deleted scene from Return of the Jedi, when the gang hangs out in a sandstorm after blowing Jabba’s ship up. Here’s Lando in Lawrence of Arabia regalia.

And this demure gal is Leia, shown here wearing approximately one million percent more clothes than in the previous half-hour of Return of the Jedi.

And in the only exciting piece of news you’ll ever hear about The Phantom Menace, Hasbro is releasing a Darth Maul-style double-sided lightsaber to tie into next year’s apocalyptic re-release of Episode One in glorious 3-D. Here’s EW’s aforementioned Keith Staskiewicz, showing us his war face. Terrifying.

PopWatchers, you like what you see? Am I the only one who’s holding out hope for a Tosche station play-set, complete with Luke’s pals Deak, Camie, Windy, and Fixer? Or a special limited edition figure of Han Solo’s Deleted Scene Girlfriend?

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