October 12, 2011 at 06:53 PM EDT

Grab your crossbows and holy water. Monster hunting season is officially open.

Yesterday, news broke that paleontologists had discovered what they believed to be the lair of the Kraken at a Nevada state park. Then today, Russian officials announced they had “indisputable evidence” that Yeti — or Abominable Snowmen — exist and are living in the Kemerovo region.

Skeptics were quick to pooh-pooh the findings (typical) in both instances, saying that a tuft of gray fur, bent branches, and a partial footprint is less than iron-clad proof of Bigfoot’s existence, and that a Nevada cave filled with arranged bones may have another explanation besides a giant, genius, super octopus. But who needs the skeptics? Haters gonna hate right?

I suppose I can understand their doubts, but I’m convinced. No matter how many blurry pictures of Nessie you show those guys, they just refuse to believe that a pre-historic animal lives in the Scottish Highlands. Once on the freeway I nearly hit the New Jersey Devil with my car and I’ve long suspected that Dwayne Johnson made The Tooth Fairy just to hide in plain sight. What would really get the ball rolling would be if Santa would finally get off his high horse and come out of the closet — as a non-fictional character. Or maybe Tupac Shakur could drop the charade and launch his 9th posthumous album in person.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you believers? What mystery would you like to see solved once and for all?

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