October 12, 2011 at 06:00 AM EDT

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now and come back when you have. We need to discuss.

I remember having to pause my DVR last week while watching Juice try to steal some coke to give to Sheriff Roosevelt (and again when Gemma lied to Clay about John’s letters). I just couldn’t stand the tension. During this week’s episode, I had to pause after Juice shot Miles in the head FIVE TIMES when Miles discovered him trying to smuggle the coke back in and threatened to make him explain himself to the club. In addition to the great blood splatter that I had to rewind to appreciate, there was also that beautiful, deceptive breeze through the trees — I want to say it symbolized the calm before the storm, but this entire season has been a Category 1 hurricane — and the tragedy of Juice trying to save two innocent lives and taking one anyway. The club seemed to buy that Juice was the one who busted Miles — including Happy, who put another four bullets in his corpse (“Did you get him,” Chibs cracked). But I think Chibs suspects something’s up with Juice, who had the idea to give the thief time to return the coke in the first place, no questions asked.

Speaking of looking guilty, that was a great fakeout with Jax and Ima, wasn’t it? He paid her a visit after she pulled a gun on Lyla, Gemma, and Tara when Lyla found out she’d slept with Opie. She thought Jax was just jealous — she could only be his bad girl — and they kissed. Tara’s sewing up Juice, who’d been shot in the leg, and that’s how Jax repays her? I couldn’t have handled that betrayal, particularly after their fidelity talk. That was just Jax getting Ima alone so he could bang her head into her vanity table and threaten to kill her if she ever flashes that “rancid p—y” around the club or his family again. I don’t condone violence against women, spitting in their faces, and calling them whores, but this woman knew exactly what she was doing and who she was hurting and didn’t care. (And, it’s not like Opie didn’t take a shot from his father.)

The only hero of the hour, for me, was Unser, who went to the sheriff and told him he’s heard Tara may be in danger. By putting that typed death threat — “I’m going to hurt you, then kill you doctor bitch” — in her car, he’ll put both her and Jax on alert. Judging from the promo for next week, Roosevelt also now takes Unser’s tip seriously. He’d be stupid not to offer Tara protection so he can get eyes on Jax’s old lady, but the club will no doubt veto the idea, and this will come back on Unser. Not that I want to see Unser leave the show, but he’s still dying, right? What does he have to lose? Clay should be afraid of him, and honestly, I’d be okay right now if Clay went down. I would’ve been bleeped multiple times talking back to my TV when Clay asked Romero to take out Tara, then had the cojones to throw his arm around Jax as though he didn’t just order a hit on the love of Jax’s life.

How do you think this will play out next week and beyond? And are you hoping to see Tig’s daughter again? (“Which one?” “Crazy one.” “Which one?” “Yeah, I know.”) It’s sweet that he’s happy to give her $12,000 if it means she’ll keep coming to see him, but a good parent doesn’t give a troubled daughter that kind of money without asking what it’s really for? That said, watching Chucky flirt is worth having her back.

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